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Waterloo, NY

Come visit the Birthplace of Memorial Day!



Waterloo In Bloom

Waterloo In Bloom is a committee of volunteers working together to improve and beautify our community. Organized in the spring of 2002, the group was formed to prepare Waterloo to compete in America In Bloom, a national beautification program that fosters community involvement, patriotism and civic pride through the challenge of a friendly competition between participating communities across the country.

During the past eleven years the committee has grown to include more than forty members. Using funds donated by local sponsors, they plant over 50 containers with flowers to decorate the downtown area. Flower beds along Virginia Street, at the seven welcome signs, in the four village cemeteries, Vern's Way and the Memory Bank are all planted and maintained by Waterloo In Bloom volunteers. With the support of the Village of Waterloo, 68 hanging baskets also help beautify the village.

Last fall the committee planted over 800 daffodil bulbs through out the village and on Oak Island. They hope to continue this project each year.

The Waterloo In Bloom committee is always ready to welcome new members. If you would like to join Waterloo in Bloom and help to plant and maintain a container or an area around Waterloo, please contact the Waterloo In Bloom Chairpersons:

Dave & Darlene Duprey

47 East Wright Avenue
Waterloo, NY 13165


Bonnie Hosford


Photography by Darlene Duprey
Thank You To Our 2013 Sponsors
  • IESI/Seneca Meadows
  • LM Sessler Excavating & Wrecking
  • Generations Bank
  • Evans Chemetics LP
  • Cottrell's Farm Market
  • Stark Street Garden's
  • Cassim Farm's
  • Duprey Video Productions
  • Laundry Junction
  • Mull Funeral Home
  • Becker-McLean Co
  • Royce & Rosencrans Insurance
  • Fegley Construction Co
  • NewFirst Dragon
  • Auto Specialist Repair, Inc.
  • Waterloo Eye Care
  • Coe-Genung Funeral Home
  • Gregory French DMD
  • Ciccino's
  • Finger Lakes Partners
  • Engravin'
  • Savannah Bank
  • Molly Headley Insurance
  • Young Agency
Waterloo In Bloom Members
  • Patti Battley
  • Mickey Bennett
  • Jill Boudreau
  • Ed Callahan
  • Laurel Callahan
  • Desiree Clary
  • Darlene Duprey
  • Dave Duprey
  • Cindy Erdmann
  • Kitty Finnerty
  • Diane Freezee
  • Cal Goodman
  • Gilbert Hall
  • Joanna Gould
  • Lisa Hochadel
  • Bonnie Hosford
  • Judi Ludwig
  • Kathy Marr
  • Margaret McCann
  • Casey McCullough
  • Rose Mary McCullough
  • Joan Mooney
  • Lynn Patti
  • Kathy Peters
  • Linda Quackenbush
  • Jim Randall
  • Phyllis Randall
  • Barb Rosecrans
  • Kate Schweitz
  • Lisa Sessler
  • Nancy Stoughtenger
  • Felicia Strong
  • Martha Struzik
  • Jack Sutliffe
  • Rusty Swanson
  • Anne Ventura
  • Al Woodward
  • Trudy Woodward
  • Joan Wright
  • Pat Wurstner
  • Gary Wurstner
  • Ted Young
  • Judy Young
Participating Organizations
  • Village of Waterloo
  • Waterloo Lions Club
  • Waterloo Rotary
  • Presbyterian Church
  • Boy Scouts
  • Girl Scouts