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"Vern's Way"

2008 was another year of accomplishments on this walking trail project.
Several years in the making, this beautiful walking path connects Oak Island to the Downtown Business District, via the Tow Path.
Thanks to significant financial contributions from the Sessler families, Seneca Meadows, The Waterloo Business & Professional Association
as well as individuals and local businesses, we were able to commission Dan's Lawn Service & Al Baker carpentry to assist us this year. We now have
a wonderful entrance at the north end of the trail that includes a cedar arch with climbing roses. The decorative berms have also been extended and
beautifully stocked with a variety of trees, shrubs and flowers. Volunteers from the WIB committee continue to stock the area with
transplants from their gardens and Lisa Sessler & Sons have provided plantings at the entrances as well. Below are some progress shots.

Thank you to everyone for making this project possible!