The Hit Men

Saturday May 25th
12:00PM - 12:30PM

The Hit Men are a group of good fellas who come together from all parts of the New York area. They provide a performance that combines both the musical and the theatrical. Their show stopping demeanor means they provide the best entertainment around. Look around the site, and if you see what you like get a hold of us. If not then we’ll take care of yah.


Donna and the Country Mystics
Saturday May 25th
2:55 - 4:00pm





Saturday May 25th
4:30 - 5:40pm

AR Band

Agonal Rhythm* is comprised mostly of medical professionals. Originally formed 20 years ago as a gag to play a retirement party, this group of talented, fun loving people has developed into a serious working rock and roll band. We are as dedicated to the music as we are the fun.

Come party with "The Doctors" as we entertain you with our unique style of classic rock and roll, disco and rhythm & blues.

Specializing in happy hours, winery events, festivals, and private parties, Agonal Rhythm is sure to keep you and your guests dancing, laughing and having a great time.



Saturday May 25th
6:05 - 7:15pm


Black Ice Band

Hey, it's Joe, and here's my story. At the age of 14 I started buying guitars for no other reason than I thought they were cool. By the time I was 16 I had bought and sold around 14 guitars and could not so much as tune one. (Sometimes, it seems like I still can't.) I started to hang out with people that could play and asked a few questions. Eventually, my cousin Louie showed me what he called the cowboy chords, and that's how it all started. From there I worked hard, joined a few bands and since then I have started a few of my own. I have also developed a hunger for sound reproduction and have provided sound for many of the local groups. I enjoy that as much as playing guitar. Music requires a lot of behind the scene attention, research and practice, making it very disciplined, and very rewarding. I have had many great experiences and met many great people as well as great musicians. HEY, HOPE TO SEE YOU AT ONE OF OUR SHOWS . Watch our "Dates" page for our events, and we will see you there.

Frank is a veteran rocker with a wide range of talents and experience who eats, breathes, and lives music which is obvious in his writing and playing. From his youth in Church bands touring through lower NJ and PA, to his time with Maurice Johnson and the City Rhythm Orchestra and Falling Star, he honed his playing and singing skills. After a hiatus from the music business, he brought his dedication and drive to local NY bands such as Renegade and currently he is giving his all, writing original pieces, playing Lead and Rhythm Guitar, and belting out Vocals for Black Ice.

I didn't choose singing, it chose me. As far back as I can remember I would sing. I remember distinctly making up my own songs as I waited for the bus to go to kindergarten. From early on I was in chorus and sang all the way through adulthood in various choral type groups. Karaoke gave me a new venue and a chance to sing alone instead of with a group in front of people. In Spring of 2010 I joined my first band (Seven Green) which unfortunately collapsed after one short gig. Now with Black Ice I looking forward to making music and sharing it with our audience.

Born into a typical middle class Italian family in Newark NY I grew up with a brother,two sisters and both my mother and father. At the age of 12, I found a drum set in the corner of my uncle's basement. I can remember going to visit and spending most of my time in the basement playing the drums. Soon I found myself wanting to play all the time and that's all she wrote. The drums were given to me and I played them every day. When I turned 16, I started playing out with my first real band. A couple of years later I bought my first set of Ludwig © drums. Many of my musical influences came from the music my brother and sisters listened to: Led Zepplin, The Who, Eric Clapton, The Kinks, Queen and many more. The first drum solo I fell in love with is In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida from Iron Butterfly. I have played with many local bands over the years: Bill Hacket, Country Cousins, Ground Zero, The Blue Flames, Angry Bob, Rude mood, Fire and Ice, Hot Face, Misfit Karma and Black Ice among others. I also have an extensive working knowledge of percussion and hand drums that I share with my students once a week. Playing has always been a passion of mine and I hope to share that passion with you when you come to see us play.

I was brought into music at a very young age. My dad, and uncle are fairly well known musicians throughout the Wayne county area and used to bring me to practices with him throughout the 80's and early 90's, but I picked up an ear for music and ability with harmonies from my dad. I remember riding together in the car listening to oldies on the radio and singing along. At five, I started taking piano lessons to help understand the basics of music and learn scaling and key signature runs, along with timing. All through High School, I played jazz piano, performed in choir, select choir and musicals. Around 2007, with encouragement from dad, I started playing bass with an alternative variety band called "The Wasted Paper Project". During it's short run I used my dad's bass and learned a few things about the instrument. In 2008, I joined the lineup for the 50's and 60's Band "Pink Cadillac". It was a fun learning experience where I improved my skills. I finally explored what I could really do when I joined "Country Magic". Now a part of the Black Ice lineup, I look forward to improving as a bass player, and provide the bottom groove to keep the feet moving on the dance floor.


Saturday May 25th
7:40 - 8:55pm


It’s Jacobs’ pipes that most immediately impress... yet her Midnite Mood backing band mates are no slouches, either, as they lay a brilliant foundation for Jacobs to build upon. The combination... will get asses shaking or slow dancers cuddled in close. Guitarist-vocalist Mettis (Jacobs) and Jacobs make for a powerful band core. With more than 25 years’ performance experience together in Central New York, the married couple’s connection is clear within the music, as their musical lines weave and align beautifully. Jim VanArsdale adds guitar, keys and vocals, Mike Burns is on bass, Sue Ferlenda contributes backing vocals and David Chitambar is behind the kit solidifying the soul.

Jessica Kovak, Syracuse New Times


Jerry Irwin's County Line

Sunday May 26th
1:30 - 2:30PM

“Seasoned” 6 piece country music group, specializing in the traditional country sounds from the 60’s to the 90’s, yet versatile enough to include some old time rock & roll, a little southern rock, and even an old standard tune or two.

Group consists of; Jerry Irwin – Lead singer & rhythm guitar, Rexine Farley & Bev Owens - female vocalists and bass guitar, John Farley – Lead electric guitar, Bob Cleveland – Drums, and Dave Behelfer – Pedal steel guitar.

Sunday May 26th
3:00 - 4:00pm


A pop cover band located in NY's Finger Lakes Region. 80's, current Top 40, R&B and deep album cuts round out the Knock It Off playlist.

Members Sarah Mull - vocals
Joe Mull, Jr. - guitar
Joe Calabrese - bass
John Leo - drums/percussion/vocals
Scott Donnelly - guitar/keyboards/vocals



Sunday May 26th
4:25 - 5:25 pm




Our Frontman, Dave Rogers, comes from a True Country/Classic Rock background, allowing him to adjust to the always-changing set list. He is a versatile Singer, who is comfortable in many genres, and Vocal Keys! The addition of some Harmonica playing, has been a new and fun project for him, and has added to some new arrangements of old tunes! His ability to interact with the Crowd, and sing the majority of the songs, has made him a very recognizable Voice, in the Local Music industry.


The man who plays the "Heavy Strings", is none other than our very own, "OZ". Although not an official member of any Schools of Magic, he is a true "Wizard" at his craft! Stage names are very prevelant in this business, and his speaks volumes for what he is, and does, for the group! His steady play, backing vocals, and tireless PR, is an important asset to the success of PULSATE.


Having played in the Finger Lakes area for more than 25 years, Paul is a veteran musician, who takes pride in his work! He has been in many groups, played many different styles of music, and that experience shows! A steady beat, and both supporting & lead vocals, adds to each performance! "PDQ" has a great attitude towards making each show unique, FUN, and memorable! His depth and knowledge of all kinds of music are an absolute PLUS for the band...and to those who love our music!


What can be said about "Al" that hasn't already been said ? A "seasoned" veteran of the local music scene, Alvin's experience from years of playing, is his biggest asset! His eagerness to learn and adapt, makes a big difference compared to other bands. "AA" brings "CRUNCH" and OMPHH to "Pulsate" that makes the songs our own.
For those of you who know him and love ge it! "That's Right" !