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Waterloo Remembers
May 28-31, 2010

144th Consecutive
Memorial Day Observance

May 30, 2010

History of Memorial Day

Memorial Day Museum
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The Hit Men

Saturday May 29th
12:00PM - 12:30PM

The Hit Men are a group of good fellas who come together from all parts of the New York area. They provide a performance that combines both the musical and the theatrical. Their show stopping demeanor means they provide the best entertainment around. Look around the site, and if you see what you like get a hold of us. If not then we’ll take care of yah.


The Heaters

(Rock in Roll 60's thru the 90's)

The Heaters are a group of five musicians that have come together with a passion for quality music. Drawing on there collective experience in R&B and Blues they present a collection of material that is aimed at the dance floor but is emotional and classic.

Al Robinson- The central vocalist for the band. Al has been the vocalist for many area bands, The Dinosaurs , Common Ground, The Night Stalkers and Fake ID to name only few. He also brings guitar into the mix. Al is known for delivering serious vocals with the feeling of a veteran R&B vocalist..

Don Damick- Keyboards and B3. Don has been a core member for many central NY R&B bands including The Echomen, Steel Image, Mirkwood Forest, Forum and The Dinosaurs. Don has also been a favored fill in player for many local bands. Be ready when he opens up the guns on that B3.

Al Cardinali- Bass. As part of the backbone of the band Al is not afraid to pump out the groove like he means it because he does. Performing for many years with groups including Forum, The Dinosaurs, Randy Weeks Band.

Chuck Randall- Drums. The other half of the backbone that supports the band. Chuck adds the counterpoint to compliment Al’s playing style. Drawing on his love of syncopated playing styles of bands like Tower Of Power and his diverse experience with area bands including Static Cling (original Rock), Navigator (Dance Rock), Fake ID (progressive blues), Common Ground (Funk, R&B) Chuck drives the band.

Joe Perry- Lead guitar. Joe is from Massachusetts and now resides in Waterloo NY. Joe has performed locally with Cruise and The Dinosaurs. Other noteworthy bands he has played with are The Low Riders from Boston and 3 Steps From The Blues from Rochester. It is obvious what Joe’s influences are when you hear him play, Allman Brothers , Freddy King and Stevie Ray Vaughn.


Andy Stobie and the Greater Finger Lakes Jazz Orchestra

(Big Band, Swing and Light Rock in Roll)

We've assembled some of the the finest musicians from the area to form our "dream band" - the Greater Finger Lakes Jazz Orchestra!
We can swing, we can rock, we can mambo. And we feature outstanding soloists! Whether as a dance band OR at a concert venue, we guarantee
that your audience will have a ton of fun, and oh, what a show you'll hear!

We feature dance and specialty tunes from some of the greatest big band libraries - Maynard Ferguson, Buddy Rich, Stan Kenton - these bands DEFINED EXCITEMENT! Then to top it off we play our own 18-piece versions of the great classic R&B, Rock and Pop hits! Stevie Wonder, Michael McDonald,'ve heard these tunes before with 3 or 4 horns - wait until you hear them with 14!


Alter Ego

Saturday May 23rd
7:10 pm

Alter Ego's specialty is putting on a great show. They play a variety of styles of Music with everything from the 50's up through today, with a special place in their hearts for the Disco, Funk, and R and B of the 70's, as well as the Aqua-Net Inspired 80's!!!


Flint Creek

(Modern Country)

Ben Gordner/Lead vocals, guitar, harmonica. Ben Gordner, Lead Vocalist of FLINT CREEK, has been a natural in music all his life .Winning several singing contests in the area, Ben traveled to Ohio to compete in the USA Karaoke finals where he placed 3rd. Ben's dream of building a band has led to the formation of FLINT CREEK. He has been fortunate to join together with some like minded musicians to form FLINT CREEK . Ben has devoted all his time and effort into making FLINT CREEK a high energy modern country band that will raise the bar for all bands. Come watch Ben perform and interact with the audience and you will see why FLINT CREEK is one of the hottest bands in Upstate New York.

Mark Blitzer/Bass guitar, backup vocals A seasoned bass guitarist with 30+ years experience. He started playing during high school in Rochester and went on to play in several bands in California. From there, he moved to Hawaii where he played professionally for 12 years. He made his way back to Rochester in 1997 and up until now was playing with "Rhythm Express" and "The Spanky Haschmann Swing Orchestra". The variety of music and the years that Mark has played brings a high level of excellance to FLINT CREEK.

Steve Dimmick/Lead guitar, backup vocals. Birthday: August 10th Birthplace: Dansville, NY. Steve started playing guitar at the age of 15 and took up the saxophone later in life. He plays standup bass on the side for fun and has played drums and bass guitar in bands of the past. Some of the bands that he came from where-“Mystic”, “DeJa Who”, “Nik & the Nice Guys”, and “Passage”. He was the founder and lead singer of the band “Flashback”. When Steve was a kid his favorite band was “KISS”. He knew he wanted to play guitar when he saw Paul Stanley from that band play. I guess you could say he was his “inspiration”. That’s when Steve knew he wanted to make records and perform live. Steve learned how to play saxophone when he couldn’t find a sax player for a band he was starting at the time. Steve’s favorite sax player is Michell Antone from the band “John Cafferty & the Beaver Brown Band”. Steve’s favorite guitar players are: Brian Setzer, George Thorogood, and Chuck Berry. Steve likes to watch football, camp, and go fly fishing. He has 2 dogs- Sam and Stosh . Steve likes old cars from the 1950’s & 60s. Someday he would like to own a 1957 Chevy Belair 2 door convertible. Steve lives for the present-not the past. He is very excited about joining the brothers of “Flint Creek” and believes this will be an experience of a lifetime. “The fella’s are really down to earth and extremely funny” say’s Steve,” Everyone is easy going and easy to get along with.” They made me feel like part of the family”. The fan’s have even accepted me as one of there own”.It’s really cool!” “I play music for the fans. The fans are what makes a gig “electrifying”! “Thank’s for having me.” -Steve Dimmick-

Bryan Keith/Drums. Bryan is a veteran to the music world, playing in bands such as "Acoustically Speaking" , "Rawhide", "Wildfire", "Donna and the Mystics" and "Roxine and the Country Lads". Bryans personality and his determination to be the best is what makes him the perfect fit for FLINT CREEK. His driving beat and unmistakable love for what he is doing will amaze you and keep you coming back for more!


Bristol Mountain Blue Grass

(Blue Grass for all ages)

Don Springer and Richard Hood bring decades of experience in old time and bluegrass music to the stage with a show based deep in the roots of bluegrass. Using a variety of instruments (many vintage) and styles, the "boys" perform and explain the music that is the bedrock for today's country and bluegrass forms. Guitars, mandolin, banjos, autoharp, banjeurine, fine expressive vocals, and humorous exchanges with the audience make up a complete (and educational) entertainment package.

The Bristol Brothers have appeared on national TV, on major college campuses, and at arts and music festivals nationwide.



The Works

(50s-60s-70s-80s-90s and more Rock in Roll )

Carl Sangiacomo - Drums & Percussion
Gary Ventura - Lead Guitar
Jim Dagnesi - Bass Guitar
Steve Salerno - Keyboard
Bob Nodzo - Lead Vocals
Crystelyn Guererri - Lead Vocals

Hailed as the Finger Lakes Premiere Club & Party Band, THE WORKS is a band comprised of six veteran musicians. The group plays a wide variety of dance music including popular rock songs from the past to today's newest hits.

"We want our music to connect with as many people as possible, That's what it's about for us -- giving all we've got to lift spirits and raise the roof."

City Limits

(Country and Country Swing)