Celebrate Commemorate
Memorial Day

“Waterloo Remembers”
May 27- 30, 2005


Memorial Day Song & DVD


Press Release

Waterloo Remembers
Co-chairs: Jane Shaffer, 315-539-3353
Dave Duprey, Deputy Mayor 315-521-9715

WATERLOO - Almost every holiday has its song - "White Christmas" and
"Easter Parade" are classics. But somehow a song for Memorial Day has
been missing. Until now.
The song pays tribute to the "men who stood tall with pride", who met the call when duty beckoned and "all gave some, some gave all."
Mullins, 46, is a history teacher at the Sarepta K-12 school. He coaches
girls' basketball and softball, and works with the quiz bowl team. He
has served as an alderman - like a village trustee - in his town for the
past 10 years. He tends his 37.5-acre spread with a large pond stocked
with 3,000 Louisiana catfish which local kids like to try to catch. He
attends the local Baptist church. And he writes songs.
About a year and a half ago, Mullins started composing songs, mostly for
his church. His minister often asks for a song for a special occasion.
Last year, the minister asked if Mullins had a song for Memorial Day.
Mullins had never heard of a Memorial Day song, so he set out to fill
the void. Riding around on his tractor where, Mullins said, he gets his
ideas, the words just came to him.He wrote them down and showed them to
his wife, Carol.
"It was easy, really, " Mullins recalled. "The whole thing took about 15
minutes." This song pays tribute to the "men who stood tall with pride"
and met the call when duty beckoned and "all gave some, some gave alll.
Mullins took the song to the leader of the church choir, who immediately
had the melody down. The men's gospel quartet performed the song in
church last year. And that could have been the end of the story.
Except that Mullins sent a copy of the song to the Waterloo village
office, where Trustee Dave Duprey heard it. Duprey is co-chair of the
annual Memorial Day observance, Celebrate/Commemorate, in the village
that is the Birthplace of Memorial Day. The words, "We remember those
departed on this Memorial Day" were the musical version of this year's
Celebrate/Commemorate theme, "Waterloo remembers." The chorus, "all gave
some…some gave all" is part of the guidelines for the student essay
"It gave me goosebumps," Duprey confessed. He was already picturing a
video with scenes of local veterans and Memorial Day events that
illustrated the words to the song. He contacted Mullins to ask if the
song could be used for Celebrate/Commemorate. Mullins agreed.
A series of e-mail messages followed, and soon Mullins had agreed to
come to Waterloo with his family - wife, Carol; daughter Beth, 19 and in
college; and son Adam, 16, a high school sophomore - to participate in
the annual festivities.

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